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  • #21: The Passionate Thief (Mario Monicelli, 1960)

    #21: The Passionate Thief (Mario Monicelli, 1960)

    Mario Monicelli’s New Year’s Eve-set comedy surfaces generational divides, power dynamics, and deception.

  • #07: Black Sunday (Mario Bava, 1960)

    #07: Black Sunday (Mario Bava, 1960)

    The new episode of Cinema Italiano is our first foray into Italian horror, dissecting Mario Bava’s Black Sunday (1960) with special guest Doug McCambridge! We go into the film’s iconic imagery, stunning cinematography, how it plays with the mythology of witches and vampires, multiple Barbara Steeles, and more during our conversation. You can connect with Doug…

  • Two Women (1960)

    Two Women (1960)

    Like Bicycle Thieves over a decade earlier, Vittorio de Sica’s powerful and, at times, heart-wrenching drama Two Women explores the relationship between parent and child, and how far a parent will go to protect his or her family. Sophia Loren gives a phenomenal performance, worthy of the Academy Award she won, with an emotional range and intensity…