#39: Naples in Veils (Ferzan Özpetek, 2017)

The past is ever-present in Ferzan Özpetek’s 2017 thriller Naples in Veils (Napoli velata). A medical examiner is caught in the middle of a murder mystery, as she grapples with her own trauma and secrets from the past come to the surface. This film’s Neapolitan setting explores the binary, or unity, between the ancient and contemporary within art, architecture, gender & identity.

Plus, some news updates on the David di Donatello award winners, and a review on Salvatore Mereu’s Bentu (2022).


This episode features the following music excerpts from the film’s soundtrack by Pasquale Catalano:

  • “Decumano Inferiore”
  • “Museo Archeologico”
  • “Luca”
  • “Lost Adriana”


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