#34: Blood and Black Lace (Mario Bava, 1964)

We’re celebrating Halloween month with Mario Bava’s technicolor giallo classic, Blood and Black Lace! The supermodels of a Roman fashion house are terrorized by a faceless killer in this endlessly stylish, thrilling midcentury mystery. More than just a great suspense film, Bava’s work explores the model as being commodified and dehumanized, in more ways than one, and also has echoes of the decaying Italian nobility, disconnected from the working class through status and geography.


Plus, quick news items on what’s new and coming soon, and where to stream Italian horror for the spooky season.


This episode features the following excerpts from the film’s soundtrack by Carlo Rustichelli:

  • “Atelier (Titoli)”
  • “L’Indagine Continua”
  • “Assassinio”




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