#28: Two Sicilian Love Stories by Pietro Germi

To celebrate the month of Valentine’s Day, taking a look at two love stories by Pietro Germi, both set in Sicily: Divorce Italian Style (1961) and Seduced and Abandoned (1964). These films, prime examples of commedia all’italiana, critique Italian law and society, examine public life and gender roles, all set against a backdrop of decaying aristocracy and the rise of the mafia. The dichotomy of simultaneously subverting institutions while putting on a face to follow the word of the law only heighten these outrageous, endlessly entertaining tales.


This episode features the following music excerpts from the films’ soundtracks:

  • “Canto D’Amore”
  • “Orazione Avvocato”
  • “Alla deguello”
  • “Onore e famiglia”


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